Roofing Repairs in Utah

Does your property need roofing repairs?

Sometimes, your home or commercial building will require minor maintenance and upkeep to ensure it is in good condition. In some cases, major repairs or installation jobs are necessary.

No matter what your case, our roof repair in Utah can address all your roof-related concerns. We focus on protecting the property’s interior and foundation from weather damage and other external elements, sparing you from thousands of dollars’ worth of major repairs.

When Do You Need Repairs?

If you have concerns about the roof, our team will assess potential problems. We usually recommend a repair if you are experiencing the following:

  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Mold and leakage
  • Damaged metal roofing
  • Clogged gutters
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Broken panels

That one missing shingle may not matter now, but failure to address these concerns as soon as possible will result in more serious damage in the future. Do not subject your property to prolonged exposure to harmful elements; instead, call our team, and we’ll take care of the problem.

Trusted Roof Repair Expert

Here at Warburton’s, we have been providing roofing repair in the Utah area for many years. Integrity is the focus of our relationship with you. It is a reflection of our roofing work and how we treat our customers. With this comes our commitment to producing quality work in all areas of our company and service, and raising the standard.

With each project, we will carefully assess the situation and present the best options that will help your roofing needs, including your budget.

For many situations, you may only need to have their roof repaired or replaced rather than redo the entire roofing system. This could include: leaks, shingle blow offs, skylights, chimney flashing or housing, ventilation systems and flat roofs.


If a building requires a new roof, or the roof is just beyond repair, installation is necessary. We will tear off the old roof and install a new one, which is the most commonly recommended method.

Re-Roofs (Roof Over)

If the repair budget doesn’t allow the option for a complete tear off, we can add a new layer of the roof that can be installed over the existing shingles.

Our experienced, dedicated team can do the following projects:

  • New and existing construction
  • Complete tear-offs and re-roofs
  • Roof insulation installation and removal
  • Roof patching
  • Shingles of all varieties
  • Leak detection and roofing repair
  • Skylights and dormers
  • Metal flashing
  • Soffit installation and repair
  • Roof inspections
  • Flat roofs and asphalting

Whether you have a small leak or extensive storm damage, you need the best roofer in the area. Contact Warburton’s Inc. today for a FREE estimate on roof repair services in Utah.