Residential Sunscreens in Utah

Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors on their deck or patio, but many times because of the glare and heat of the sun, we are not able. Patio sunscreens enhance the use of outdoor living space by filtering the heat and glare of the sun while maintaining an open feeling and the view. Warburton’s can design a residential sunscreen solution for most applications in Utah. They can come with a choice of either side tracks or cable guides that provide stability in breezy conditions. They can have weather resistant covers and operate with a hand crank or an electric motor. Whatever the situation our Sunscreen can extend the hours of quality time you use on your deck or patio by making them more comfortable.

Exterior Residential Sunscreens

Why are sunscreens a better choice than window films or awnings?

Film is an interior application and is not designed for double pane windows. It is not nearly as effective as residential sunscreens, and voids out all window warranties, it damages the sealed thermal pane windows. Keep in mind that window tint is installed on the inside of the pane of your double paned glass window. With this approach, the sun will penetrate the outside pane of glass and heat it up, but more importantly the sun’s UV energy will get absorbed by the inside pane of your double paned window; therefore, making that pane of glass get extremely hot.

Will sunscreens block my view?

Sunscreens will still allow full visibility, only a little darker. Feel free to open your window blinds & curtains during the daytime and not have to worry anyone is looking inside your house because the view from the outside cannot see through the solar screen during daytime.

How dark will it make my house?

Residential sunscreens will still allow light to come in, so it will not completely darken the room. However, there are no current statistics available as each person’s home will be subject to several different variables such as: the angle of the sun on your windows, orientation of the house, interior design, and the number of trees in the yard. Each customer has a different opinion on the matter, so the best idea is to have one of our sales professionals hold various screens over your windows while you determine the best choice for your personal preference.

Will people be able to see in my house?

Not in the daytime. Residential sunscreens offer privacy in the daytime; however, at night if you have lights on, people will be able to see in.

Are all sunscreens the same?

No. Companies use different materials and building methods and provide different services, and there are many ‘amateurs’ in the business. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations such as fiberglass based solar screen products which do not have the ability to hold their color nor provide the protection and the quality of their products will only hold up over a short period of time.